Monday, February 15, 2010


Winter months make me feel especially happy that I have an indoor hobby that I love so much. Yes, I miss being able to be outside more, but there is guilt that I feel when it's 75 degrees outside and I'm inside sewing. So winter is perfect for me in that regard. I decided this year that I wanted to get better at snowboarding though and enjoy some outdoor winter sports. I had tried this one time before and liked it, but most likely re-broke my tailbone and was content with only having one really expensive hobby (fabric-buying, and sometimes -using).

I was excited for our big ski weekend and ended the first day like this ( I did cry a LOT, but this was a posed sad face ):

I have to say I still had a really fun time, but this (awesome) purple cast has really put a damper on my winter months sewing. Notice how much better the purple is than the cardboard I have on in the previous pic.

I have pulled out some fabrics to make one of Oh Fransson's Paintbox quilts, but when I started cutting strips, I realized that being able to really grip your rotary cutter is essential to actually cutting in a straight line. I only wasted a small bit of fabric, but it still felt really bad...

Well, one more week of this and then hopefully I'll be back to "normal."

Okay, I posted. You happy Eric??