Monday, July 11, 2011

Some people say quilting and alcohol don't mix...

I disagree! First of all, people say you shouldn't use the "heavy machinery" of a sewing machine while drinking wine, but it's worked for me for years. :) Anyway, that's not what this post is about. 4th of July weekend I had a long drive back to Seattle from Spokane and did some research ahead of time about where to shop for fabric along the way. Awesomely, the tiny center of Ritzville, WA has a quilt shop/liquor store combo. I had no need for booze at that point, but it was kind of a funny and unique thing. And I was so happy to find fabric there that is tough to find for a great price to boot. So, here's to you, Wildflowers Quit Shop Liquor Store. Cheers!

Flying geese top done!

I felt really happy to get this top done in the last week. I have a little ritual about showing off finished quilt tops that I couldn't do, so showing it off in blogland will have to do. I don't typically love a flying geese block, but I think the scale and the prints themselves, on the white background, give it a more fun and fresh feel.

I also realized that it's a little too big for my full sized bed, but would be great for a queen! I'm still thinking about how I'll quilt it. I'd take suggestions.... :)

I love to lay out

Awhile back we had a quiet night at the SMQG sew-in and I took advantage of the balcony to lay out some quilty stuff. Everyone said, wow you've been productive, but since then I have pieced these together and haven't done much else. It's been a tough month and I'm looking forward to some therapeutic blogging following some therapeutic quilting following all the therapeutic fabric shopping I have been doing. hah.

I love these big chunks of pips mixed in with some of my fave coordinating prints!

This strip of herringbone-esque blocks was kind of a headache. It was one of the few times where it didn't feel quite right and instead of giving up on it I ripped stuff out, redid it and came out with a much happier product. I'm having some doubts about my original intention for this, but for now I have a very colorful strip of fabric. :) Let me say, if I didn't love my solids collection so much I probably would have just scrapped this. haha.