Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waiting for the sun to come out

Hello! So this is my first post on this blog. I started another blog on a different site, but am finding blogspot a little easier to handle. I'm eager to post pictures of quilts I have recently made and some projects I currently have going on, but using a flash indoors at night doesn't quite capture the colors in the right way. Anyway, I'm really excited to be blogging, especially since the highlight of my day is checking out updates on all the blogs that I follow. I can't say that I'll be able to update quite so often as others, but I hope this will help me be motivated to finish up some unfinished projects and share some ideas with others too.


  1. Welcome to Blogland Meaghan! Can't wait to see some of your creations. Will be checking back in again.


  2. Yes, a big welcome to this facinating world! Do post pictures soon.

    And don't forget to get a "neocounter" and a "sitemeter" - you will want to know how many people visits your blog.
    (Google both, or look at my blog, right side-bar, quite a long way down)


  3. Welcome Meaghan so funny I just happened here from a blog you follow. I was intriqued by your profile. You are definately I am sure a kindred spirit. I am not happy to be around when I don't get to spend time in the sewing room. I had to laugh about your comment of being 2o something going on 60. I am not 60 but close to it! Cracked me up. But I wanted to welcome you and tell you I can't wait to see your work. I don't write much about quilting. I spend too much time reading everyone elses blogs. LOL. You can visit my quilt blog at I usually write at My Journey Back. I have some links on my sidebar to my favorite free backgrounds if you want to check it out. Happy Blogging and stitchin.

  4. yay, Meaghan! I like your bloggity blog! Make sure to write more, I put you on my reader.

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